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Our Oil Blends will re-balance your body and mind

Updated: Feb 19

Our essential oils are uniquely blended to re-balance you on every level. When several oils are blended together, each having a different MHz frequency, a frequency will emerge that may be higher or lower than the various components. The therapeutic properties create special vibrational remedies capable of healing or re-balancing the body, mind and emotions.

Each oil blend has a specific frequency

As each oil has a specific frequency, and our organs and body systems and the nutrients needed to maintain optimum health each have their specific frequencies, the oil's electrical affinity to these components of our bodies will enhance and support these organs and body systems and will aid in the assimilation of nutrients.

iTOVi Scanner - a Health and Wellness Tool

It is a revolutionary product which sends frequencies throughout the body to test which Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils would be most beneficial for you.

Receive a personalized report!

The iTOVi scanner allows you to receive personalized reports. How? The iTOVi scanner uses innovative and institutionally recognized technology to measure the changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin to stimuli. The scanner identifies these changes and ranks products in order by the strongest responses. Ask us for your scan!